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Stairway Parts

Most parts for Memphis Folding Stairs, Inc., stairways are available. Memphis Folding Stairs, Inc. replacement parts are for Memphis Folding Stairs, Inc. stairways ONLY. Other manufacturers use different types of parts and these parts are not interchangeable. Use only those parts designed for use with your particular model and size Memphis Folding Stair.  Any alteration of products ordered or failure to follow instructions as provided will render any warranties (implied or otherwise) null and void.  Any alteration will further cause the purchaser, user and/or installer to assume any and all liabilities. Memphis Folding Stairs, Inc. will not be held liable for any damages or injuries caused by improper use of replacement parts.

To order parts you must:

1. Determine model of stairway.  On the inside of door panel, look for the words LOK/TREAD.  The next word is the model name.  We must have the model name to process your order.  See diagram below for location of manufacturer's stamp.
2. Determine part needed (refer to parts diagram below)
3. Contact factory via Contact Form
(Please do not send credit card information via e-mail)

Parts Diagram

* Please note: Parts marked with an * are listed for identification purposes only and are not available as replacements. Stiles are available as complete sections only.


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